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MHH: We live integration and internationality!

Commitment to cosmopolitanism: "There is no place for xenophobia and intolerance at MHH," says MHH President Professor Dr Michael Manns.

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The Presidential Board of Hannover Medical School (MHH) has reaffirmed its commitment to cosmopolitanism and against xenophobia in the current debate about the "remigration" plan that became known after a meeting of right-wing extremists in Potsdam. "With employees from 129 nations and students from 79 nations, MHH is one of the most international places in Hanover and Lower Saxony," emphasised MHH President Professor Dr Michael Manns. "There is no room for xenophobia and intolerance at MHH. We develop knowledge in patient care, research and teaching in dialogue with the best. MHH lives integration and internationality!"

"As a university, MHH is by definition a place of enlightened thinking," says Martina Saurin, Vice President of MHH and responsible for Business Management and Administration. "We are following our mission statement when we take a stand against marginalisation and racism. The campus must not be a place for discrimination of any kind." MHH's mission statement is based on the fundamental idea: Every day for life! "Our mission statement unites professional groups and cultures," adds Professor Dr Frank Lammert, Director of Patient Care and Vice President of MHH. "The mission statement stands for our attitude and the values that guide us in our work for our patients. We stand for open dialogue and diversity of opinion - it is precisely as a community that we generate new ideas."

Universities take a joint stand against right-wing extremism 

Back in 2015, universities across Germany took a stand for tolerance: MHH took part in the "Open-minded universities - against xenophobia" campaign, which was launched by the German Rectors' Conference. This week, the whole of German university medicine has taken a firm stand against right-wing extremism: In a united front, an urgent call is made to defend a free society against anti-democratic forces.

Text: Inka Burow