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Warning strike at MHH

Emergencies will be treated, but there will be relevant restrictions in everyday hospital life: MHH will be affected by an all-day warning strike on Tuesday as part of the current wage disputes between the Marburger Bund and the federal states.

MHH campus with ward block and car park from above.

Copyright: Bodo Kremmin/MHH

The Marburger Bund doctors' union has called on its members at the 29 state-owned university hospitals in the TV-Ä collective bargaining area to take part in a warning strike on Tuesday (30 January 2024). The central warning strike rally will take place in Hanover.

Hannover Medical School (MHH) will be affected by the strike. There are likely to be relevant restrictions in everyday hospital life. MHH has therefore concluded an emergency service agreement with the Marburger Bund. This stipulates that all emergencies can be adequately treated. However, there will still be relevant restrictions in everyday hospital life. This affects planned operations in particular, but also outpatient treatments.

"As a state-run hospital, MHH itself is not at the negotiating table," explains MHH President Professor Dr Michael Manns. "In view of the difficult and stressful situation during strikes, we hope to reach an agreement in the collective bargaining dispute as quickly as possible - for the benefit of our employees and, of course, our patients."

MHH hopes for a quick and more moderate agreement

"Doctors have to meet particularly high professional standards, especially in university hospitals, and I understand their demand for financial recognition," adds MHH Vice President Martina Saurin, who is responsible for economic management and administration. "However, the current financing system does not take into account the different workloads in the individual hospitals and the demand in question would therefore not be nearly covered. MHH would face an additional loss in the double-digit million range if the Marburger Bund's demand were enforced. In view of the fact that inflation is falling again, we are hoping for a quick and more moderate agreement."

Text: Inka Burow