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From cancer medicine to education: 2,500 guests at the open day

Exciting and varied programme from the clinic, research, teaching and training as MHH's contribution to November of Science 2023.

A woman tests a bronchoscopy on a demonstration dummy at the open day.

It was possible to try out a bronchoscopy for yourself at the open day. Copyright: Karin Kaiser/MHH

A boy is performing an operation on a stuffed sheep at the OTA stand. An OTA is standing next to him.

Shaun the sheep was allowed to be operated on several times at the open day. Copyright: Karin Kaiser/MHH

A ventilated pig's lung is touched by a visitor wearing protective gloves at the intensive care stand.

At the intensive care stand, visitors were able to touch a real pig's lung, which is artificially ventilated. Copyright: Karin Kaiser/MHH

Under the motto "Every day for life", MHH experts presented hands-on, try-out and hands-on medicine at today's Open Day. Around 2,500 visitors were able to get an overview of the latest treatment methods, current research projects and career opportunities at 50 information stands and during guided tours, while MHH experts were also on hand to answer questions. This year's special focus was on cancer medicine as well as training and career opportunities at the university.

Do I have a hereditary risk of cancer?

"We are generally interested in medical topics and get an overview of the treatment methods for various illnesses," explained Susanna Höltge from Laatzen. She had come to the open day together with her husband Heiko. At the stand of the Trauma Surgery Clinic, the couple learned about intervertebral discs. Beforehand, they had already learnt a lot about ultrasound, lung function and oncology. The "Road to Cancer Medicine" provided a comprehensive overview of this topic, from prevention and early detection to innovative cancer operations. Do I have a hereditary risk of cancer? How can complementary care help to alleviate symptoms and strengthen self-healing powers? These questions were also answered by the experts..

Experience training diversity

Another highlight was the training campus, where all MHH training professions were presented. Experienced MHH colleagues and trainees provided the guests with exciting first-hand insights into the different professional worlds, from nursing to laboratory work to industrial mechanics. And time and again, visitors were invited to join in. At the stand of the Nursing Training Academy, for example, interested visitors could practise treating a wound.

"Touching an organ like that is something special"

Under the motto "Explore, discover and experience with all your senses", the event offered hands-on technology and medicine as well as campus tours. Nico Brandes from Hanover had a new experience. At the intensive care stand, he was allowed to touch a ventilated pig's lung - very similar in size and anatomy to a human lung. "I already knew about the function of the lungs, but touching an organ like that is really something special," he said enthusiastically. VR goggles enabled guests to discover completely new worlds - at the trauma surgery stand, they were able to try out navigated surgery for themselves and experience how 3D reconstructions in anatomy are possible with the help of VR goggles. Pathology, on the other hand, demonstrated live microscopy of the lungs. There was also information and counselling on the subject of organ donation.

Text: Tina Götting