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Lohfert Prize 2024 for SICKO training in pediatric oncology

The Christoph Lohfert Foundation awards the interprofessional workshop concept

for pediatric oncology teams at Hannover Medical School - for the safety of patients and

safety of patients and staff. For two other projects the jury awards honorable mentions.

 Anna-Lena Herbach, Dr. Urs Mücke looking in the camera smiling

Anna-Lena Herbach, Dr. Urs Mücke. Copyright: Bertram Solcher

Portraitpicture of Dr. Andreas Tecklenburg

Dr. Andreas Tecklenburg. Copyright: A. Tecklenburg

The Lohfert Prize 2024 goes to the project "Safety in Pediatric Oncology (SICKO)
- Interprofessional training & innovations for greater safety for patients, families and staff" at Hannover Medical School. The prize
20,000 euros, is being awarded for the 12th time. The patron is Dr. Regina Klakow-Franck. The award ceremony and presentation of the winning project will take place on September 18, 2024 as part of the Hamburg Healthcare Industry Congress.

Founded in 2013, SICKO developed a workshop concept to increase safety and treatment quality. The measures
strengthen psychological safety in the team and safety-related skills in order to attract and retain specialists through tangible team skills, among other things. Project manager and award winner
Dr. Urs Mücke is delighted with the jury's decision:
"The award is an immense recognition of our interprofessional commitment and a tailwind for our efforts to innovate in the safety of employees
and patients in our field of work."

Dr. Andreas Tecklenburg, spokesman of the jury, explains the choice: "We as the jury chose this project because it is interdisciplinary and has a very clear has a very clear patient focus: Improving the care and safety of the patients. The aspect of patient safety in particular is of obvious importance in pediatric oncology. The
special thing about the SICKO workshops is that they have been developed by employees for employees; the collaboration between the interprofessional teams is in line with the tender theme of
"Strategies for the development and strengthening of healthcare staff" through and through."

About the project

In Germany, around 2,200 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every year, which poses immense challenges for them and their families. The interprofessional SICKO team has set itself the task of increasing safety and treatment quality through targeted interventions. Since its foundation in 2013, the SICKO team has developed a workshop concept that has so far reached over 580 nurses and doctors as well as nursing trainees and students from the field of pediatric oncology throughout Germany. In addition to practice-oriented measures, the implementation of the project also includes train-the-trainer offers and digital content to enable scaling and reach the interprofessional target group in the best possible way. The team is also involved in the clinic's quality management (QM). The multi-professional analysis of (near) incidents and the development of process improvements form an interface between personnel development, QM and the latest training research. SICKO also contributes to attracting and retaining specialists through the tangible team spirit.

Project participants and funding

Anna-Lena Herbach (B.A., health and pediatric nurse, project coordinator SICKO), Petra Tiroke (specialist in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, former project manager and founder of SICKO), Prof.
Lorenz Grigull and Birte Sänger (founders of SICKO). The SICKO project is supported by the German Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Honorable mentions
In addition to the Lohfert Prize 2024, the following projects received honorable mentions from the jury

  •  Ergo ITS - Empowerment for Intensive Care, University Medicine Magdeburg, Contact persons: Dr. Stefan Waßmann, Stefanie Mewes

  • Children's IPSTA - Interprofessional training stations in pediatric cardiology, University Hospital Bonn, Parent-Child Center, contact person Dr. Anthea Peters

About the Lohfert Prize

The Lohfert Prize has been awarded since 2012 with the aim of recognizing innovative projects to
improve patient safety and orientation. The topic of this year's
of this year's Lohfert Prize was: "Skills shortage as an impulse: strategies for developing and strengthening healthcare staff." The 2024 winner was selected by the independent, high-caliber jury from 82 applications received.

About the Christoph Lohfert Foundation

The Christoph Lohfert Foundation is committed to quality and patient orientation in medical care. The aim is to support methods and projects in medicine that place people, their needs and
people, their needs and interests at the center of medical action. The Chairman of the Foundation is Prof. Dr. Dr. Kai Zacharowski, ML FRCA FESAIC,
Director of the Clinic for Anesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy at Frankfurt University Hospital.

Christoph Lohfert Foundation, Foundation Communications: Julia Hauck and Tanja Brunner,, T +49.40.55 77 54 00