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"We are very happy to come to Hannover"

German Society for Immunology presents awards to BioNTech founders at MHH

Professor Şahin answers journalists' questions

At the press briefing: Professor Şahin answers journalists' questions Copyright: Karin Kaiser/MHH


Illustrious guests at MHH: BioNTech founders Professor Özlem Türeci and Professor Uğur Şahin as well as Professor Katalin Karikó have been awarded the German Immunology Prize 2022 at MHH. The German Society of Immunology (DGfI) and its Austrian counterpart presented the awards at the joint, day-long meeting in Hannover.
"We really enjoy coming to Hannover," emphasised award winner Türeci during a press briefing, "the community of immunological researchers is very large, and we have many good friends here." MHH Professor Reinhold Förster, Vice-President of the DGFl, explained in a short introduction that the three scientists are being honoured for their groundbreaking work in developing vaccines against cancer based on mRNA technology. DGfI President MHH Professor Christine Falk referred to the 20 years of development work that ultimately led to the Corona vaccine.
Due to the pandemic, the German Immunology Prize 2020 was only now awarded to Professor Thomas Boehm, Freiburg. The prize is endowed with 10,000 euros. The prize is sponsored by the bio-pharmaceutical company AbbVie Deutschland.
More about the conference at https://immunology-conference.de/