New clinic

Work continues on the new construction site

Trees are now being cleared and explosive ordnance will be removed in spring.

Clearing work is starting by machines.

[Translate to Englisch:] Clearing work is starting. Copyright: Karin Kaiser / MHH.

Something is happening on the Stadtfelddamm. Clearing work began today on the construction site for the new clinic of Hannover Medical School (MHH). The reason for this is the search for aerial bombs from the Second World War. Due to the history of the site, it is suspected that explosive ordnance, in particular unexploded bombs, could be found in the ground throughout the construction area. In order to avoid disruption to the subsequent construction process and to minimise disruption to MHH hospital operations, the construction site must be examined for explosive ordnance from spring 2024 onwards, suspected sites must be clarified and possible finds must be removed.

The clearing of the area is absolutely necessary for the comprehensive soil investigation. Considerable protective measures will also be required at the time of the explosive ordnance clearance - including in the form of container protection walls to protect the MHH and other neighbours.

The clearing work is starting now, as the trees can only be felled between October and February due to seasonal restrictions. From now on, there will be ongoing activities on the construction site - the aim is still to achieve an earlier start to the construction work. The MHH construction company (HBG) is currently aiming to start the excavation work in 2026.

MHH is planning to plant trees and bushes on the campus as a compensatory measure for the clearing and also to support a reforestation project in Hanover.

Text: Stefan Zorn