Application for a place to study at 1st semester in human medicine or dentistry

International applicants

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Applicants from non-EU countries must apply via the agency uni-assist.

You can apply during the following periods

  • from 01.04. to 31.05. for a place to study in the winter term
  • from 01.04. to 15.07. for the Studienkolleg in the winter term
  • from 01.10. to 15.01. for the Studienkolleg in the summer term (only an application for the Studienkolleg is possible, not for a place to study!)

You can check here whether you can study directly in Germany with your certificates or whether you have to attend the Studienkolleg first. More information on the Studienkolleg can be found further down on this page.

► Please note: you can only apply for one course of study.

A decision on admission or rejection is expected at the end of August. Until then, we ask you to refrain from enquiries.

Information on application

Information on Studienkolleg and Feststellungsprüfung