Dr. Matthias Ballmaier

Central Research Facility Cell Sorting
Hannover Medical School
I11-H0-1160 (TPFZ)
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
30625 Hannover

Phone: +49 511 532 6731



How to find us...

Our laboratory is located on the second floor (level H0) of the research building I11 (TPFZ), room I11-H0-1160 (see figures below).

Please note that despite our building name (I11, TPFZ) there is no access via the Hans-Borst Center (I11, HBZ). (Exception: staff members of the Hans-Borst-Center)

From outside the MHH: orientate to the building of the women's clinic (K11), go through the main entrance through the large hall and at the end through the glass doors. Take the stairs to enter level H0. There you orientate to the left, cross the area of visceral surgery until you reach another staircase. Here you will find the door of our lab area with a telephone. Please call us (extension 6731) for opening the door.

From the main building K5/K6 or from K10/K20: From the connecting corridor between K6 and K10 turn to the building of the women's clinic (K11) and cross the whole women's clinic and the visceral surgery until you are in front of our lab area.

From the rear areas of buildings K5/K6 as well as from building K9: You can also reach us via the connecting corridor between buildings K9 and K11 (see Figure below)