Student Health Insurance

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Students enrolled at state or state-recognised higher education institutions in Germany are generally obliged to have statutory health insurance. This also applies to postgraduate or further education studies or during a semester abroad or a semester on leave.

However, persons who take up doctoral studies after completing a university degree are not obliged to be insured as students. In the Master's programme IDOH, there is no obligation to provide proof of health insurance at the time of enrolment.

Which student health insurance is the right one for you during your studies depends on various criteria such as age, number of semesters, earnings or previous insurance.

You can find more helpful information on the topic of health insurance on the website of the consumer advice centre (German only).

Procedure for submitting your health insurance status

  • Registration of the upcoming enrolment with the health insurance company by the student (before the actual enrolment). You need the following, so called Absendernummer for that: H0000695.
  • Confirmation of insurance status is transmitted digitally from the health insurance company to the university as of the start date, which involves a corresponding time delay.
  • Change of health insurance company is transmitted digitally to the university.
  • Late payment of health insurance contributions is digitally transmitted to the university and the re-registration for the next semester is blocked.
    • A payment delay that no longer exists is also transmitted digitally to the university and the re-registration block is removed for this reason.