Support of the Clinic for Pediatric Pneumology, Allergology and Neonatology

Your donation makes the difference!

Medicine for children should meet the highest standards in all respects. At a time when subsidies from the health care system are becoming smaller and smaller, the special care of sick children, as we have set ourselves the goal of doing in our clinic, repeatedly comes up against financial limits. Help us to push these limits!

Only with donations is it possible to finance the extras that make a stay in the clinic bearable, especially for children. This applies to equipping the wards with toys as well as to renovation measures to accommodate parents on the wards or in the area of the children's clinic. Donations are also used to finance childcare at the clinic.

Our most important assets at the MHH Children's Hospital are the excellently trained staff and research at the frontiers of knowledge with the aim of being able to help sick children better and better. Here, too, donations help us to initiate new projects at short notice and flexibly, independent of government and bureaucratic processes, and to respond quickly to new challenges.

Project "Air for Life"

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