Diseases of the immune system (Immunology)

Positive SCID screening - what next?

Severe Combined Immune deficiency Disorder (SCID) is an immunological emergency that requires rapid diagnostic work-up and infection prophylaxis. The goal is an immediate, targeted and efficient diagnosis and therapy of children with SCID. This is of crucial importance to improve the prognosis.

SCID stands for severe, combined immune deficiency. Severe refers to the complete absence of specific immunity. Combined means that the disorder affects both B and T cells. SCID is the name for a clinically and laboratory defined syndrome, which is based on various genetic defects.

In the case of conspicuous, i.e. positive SCID screening, it is of utmost urgency to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of SCID. For this purpose, we take a blood sample as soon as possible to determine the immune cells. If necessary, the children can be treated directly as inpatients.

In case of a conspicuous SCID newborn screening, please contact Prof. Ulrich Baumann (Immunology) or Dr. Christian Klemann by phone via the gate of the pediatric clinic +49 511 532 3220.