Analytical Ultracentrifugation

Structural Biochemistry operates a Beckman Coulter Optima AUC analytical ultracentrifuge, equipped with a UV/VIS absorbance and a Rayleigh interference optical system and a Beckman Coulter ProteomeLab XL-I equipped with an Aviv Biomedical fluorescence detection system.

Analytical ultracentrifugation can provide the following information about macromolecules

  • molar mass (oligomerisation state)
  • size and shape
  • homogeneity
  • protein-protein, protein-DNA, protein-ligand interactions
  • determination of affinity constants of homo- and hetero-interactions
  • investigation of fluorescently labeled proteins in complex mixtures like serum
  • accessible concentration range from millimolar to nanomolar due to use of different optical systems


Contact: Prof. Dr. Ute Curth,, phone +49 511 532 9372