Service of HUB

The Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB) offers a comprehensive service for all bioprobes for all departments, institutes and partners of the Hannover Medical School (MHH):


Conceptual support for integrating the biobank into studies and project applications related to:

  • Planning, applications
  • Use of existing standards
  • SOP generation
  • Lab ware
  • Quality management
  • Sample registration
  • Sample identification
  • Data management
  • Data safety


Coordination of sample management in large multi-center projects (eg DZL, National Cohort, Combacte) for MHH:

  • Coordination of all biosampling activities
  • Co-development of standards / SOPs
  • Establishment of the required standards at the MHH
  •  Central sample registration


Processing & preanalytics for tissues, cells and body fluids

  • Automated Aliqoting
  • Centrifugation
  • Separation of the fractions
  • Automated DNA extraktion
  • DNA normalization


Central storage of biomaterials

  • Nitrogen gasphase storage  (-190°C)
  • Fullautomated biobank repository (-80°C)
  • Freezer storage (-80°C)
  • Continuous temperature monitoring and recording
  • Emergency service
  • Emergency freezer
  • Emergency power supply


Sample management

  • 2D matrix code system for tubes
  • 1D bar code ystem or racks
  • Logged in, out and relocations
  • Support by 1D + 2D scanner
  • Sample tracking / sample protocol
  • Completely IT-supported warehouse and sample management


Data management & information system

  • Provision of Biobank IT systems also for the management of decentralized (own) sample storage facilities
  • Support in the migration of legacy data to a SPREC-compliant, centralized data management Import and export of data
  • Import and Export of data
  • Print 1D / 2D labels for sample labeling
  • Connection of the BIMS to own research systems
  • Data protection concept
  • Pseudonymization
  • Regular training for sample management and use of biobank IT systems
  • Individual on-site training
  • IT support for centraxx
  • Illustration of individual processes for sample registration
  • Illustration of individual sample feature