Institute of Cellular Therapeutics

We develop and manufacture

cellular therapeutics including Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products to treat severe diseases, especially those of the hematopoietic system,

in necessariis unitas:

in accordance with the applicable laws, national and European regulations at the leading edge of the currently available medical and pharmaceutical scientific and technological know-how, in highest quality,

in dubiis libertas:

in creative interdisciplinary discourse between medicine, pharmacy, biology, biotechnology and biochemistry, in academia and industry, as well as with local, federal and international regulatory authorities,

in omnibus caritas:

Personalized and committed to the welfare of patients and to the safety of their treatment through the collaboration with our clinical partners.


Institute Director
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Köhl

Andrea Oppe
Feodor-Lynen-Str. 21
D-30625 Hannover 
Tel.: +49 511 532-7960 
Fax: +49 511 532-7961

24 h emergency service
+49 1761 532-5826

Cellular Therapy Centre (CTC)

Here you will find all important information about the CTC (manufacturing and testing facility of the Hannover Medical School - MHH).

Contact | Directions

Here you will find our contact details and directions to the CTC.

Contact | Directions

All services offered by the CTC (standard processes, extended processing and other services) can be found here.


Order apheresis and preparations as well as the delivery of cryopreserved products using the current version of our controlled forms.