The Institute of Transfusion Medicine and Transplant Engineering is teaching in multiple programs including those for medicine and biomedicine.

A detailed overview of the various lectures and practical courses can be found on the following pages.   

Teaching Programs

Course content of transplantation immunology and transfusion medicine under consideration of GK2 Fundamentals of immunology and immunopathology

  • Immunohematology
  • Transplant Immunology
  • Produc…
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Recommendations for teaching materials
  • Transfusionsmedizin und Immunhämatologie
    Volker Kiefel (Hrsg.)
    Springer, 2011, 4. Auflage
  • Immunhämatologie und klinische Transfusionsmedizin: Theorie und Praxis kompakt
    Reinhold Eckstein…
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