Advanced cardiac and pulmonary failure: mechanical unloading and repair

2nd Funding Periode of KFO311

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In the 2nd periode, the KFO311 wants (i) to better understand the biological effects of mechanical unloading and the pathomechanisms of tissue repair in acute and (pre-)terminal heart and lung failure, (ii) to define new reparative therapies in model organisms and translate previously identified therapeutic strategies towards clinical application, and (iii) to further develop evidence-based mechanical support therapies. Structurally, the KFO311 combines MHH’s expertise in Cardiology, Pneumology, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Pathology, as well as our expertise in multimodal imaging in experimental models and patients. KFO311 benefits from close ties between MHH and several excellent associated institutes and from MHH’s central facilities and core units for preclinical research and clinical trials. MHH has defined (pre‑)terminal organ failure as one of its priority areas in research and clinical practice. Furthermore, we support young academic talents from clinic and science.

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