Your stay with us

Our outpatient clinic of VCH with several seats and colorful pictures on the wall

Your first appointment at our department is usually made through our consultation (Visceral Surgery Polyclinic, Building K11, Level S0). During an outpatient appointment, we will review your preliminary findings and discuss a possible therapy concept with you.

In order to be able to advise you comprehensively right from the start and to save you further effort, we ask you to bring all relevant findings as well as a current medication schedule to this appointment. This applies in particular to imaging diagnostics (CT, MRI, PET, etc.): In order to evaluate externally produced images, our colleagues from the Institute of Radiology at Hannover Medical School require both the images (on CD, printout is not sufficient) and the written radiological findings.

If an operation is necessary or possible, we will arrange an admission appointment with you directly to one of our two standard visceral surgery wards during the consultation hours. If further diagnostics are required first, e.g. a gastroscopy or an ultrasound examination, these can usually be performed on an outpatient basis and close to home. Depending on the urgency of the procedure and the nature of the missing examination, it may also be possible to have the outstanding diagnostics performed during your inpatient stay at our hospital. Since we first have to coordinate the appointments for this with the respective specialist disciplines, occasional delays in these cases unfortunately cannot always be ruled out.

In the case of major operations, inpatient admission takes place one day before the operation; in the case of outpatient operations and routine operations, admission takes place in the morning on the day of the operation ("same day surgery" principle). Your medical care is regularly provided by one of our treatment teams from the initial outpatient presentation through the actual operation to discharge, so that appropriate continuity is maintained. If intensive care monitoring is required, you will be cared for in our own visceral surgery intensive care unit (Ward 81, Building K11, Level H0) until you can be transferred back to the normal ward according to the instructions of the senior physician.

The nursing department presents itself on an extra page. There you will also find an explanation of the nursing concept as well as the contact persons for the respective wards. Usually, you will be on the normal ward 31 or 85.