Education and Training at the Lebao

Copyright: MHH/Lebao
Copyright: MHH/Lebao


As a research department, the LEBAO is particularly involved in the education of PhD students, both life science and medicine (veterinary and human). Professor Dr. U. Martin is a member of HBRS Program Commission and Chairman of the PhD program "Regenerative Sciences" (REBIRTH), in which the LEBAO group leaders give lectures and tutorials on topics of regenerative medicine of heart and lung. We are especially focusing on stem cell biology, stem cell-derived organ regeneration, and tissue engineering of cardiac muscle, vessels and valves. These topics also play a major role in the Marie Curie Training Network „TECAS”, in which our scientists are involved, too.

Our group leaders additionally offer lectures and trainings on “Stem cell Biology and Tissue Engineering” within the master courses Biochemistry and Biomedicine. The following topics are discussed:

  • Organ transplantation und regenerative therapy
  • Basics of stem cell biology
  • Adult stem and progenitor cells
  • Embryonic stem cells, reprogramming, epigenetics
  • Endogenous and stem cell- derived regeneration of the heart
  • Stem cell-derived lung regeneration
  • Regenerative therapy: clinical applications
  • Tissue Engineering of cardiac valves and vessels
  • Biomechanical testing of biological tissues
  • Tissue Engineering of myocardial tissue
  • Computational modelling and simulation of cardiovascular tissues

The training of young scientists in research also includes supervision of numerous bachelor’s and master’s theses, as well as trainings for students, pupils and technical assistants-to-be. Further information for e.g. international internships with us can be found on the pages of the International Office.


We are looking for life science students (bachelor and master degree) to work on current research projects. Furthermore, students (biochemistry, biology or biotechnology) who would like to joins us for an internship are very welcome to apply.

Additionally, we regularly offer positions for technical assistants and scientists.

Please contact the Hannover Biomedical Research School (HBRS) concerning PhD positions.

Please send questions and applications to: