Teaching award of the student body 2021

Outstanding engagement in teaching

photo of the certificate

Many things are different during a pandemia – this is true for teaching as well. For the education of students in the MHH masters courses Biochemistry and Biomedicine we have been offering the module ‘Stem Cell Research and Tissue Engineering’ for many years. In this module, different members of the LEBAO explain fundamental principles and give insight into current research topics. During the summer term 2020, we had to spontaneously change our face-to-face lectures to online teaching, likewise in 2021 we have not been able to return to our accustomed procedures.

Like many others, LEBAO members gave their best to convey their content to the students for the first time via online meetings or prerecorded videos. We are more than happy that their efforts were rewarded with the Students’ Award 2021 for outstanding engagement in teaching.