MHH is submitting full proposal for new Cluster of Excellence R-Cube

The draft proposal for "R-CUBE - Organ Regeneration, Repair and Replacement" has convinced the DFG and the German Council of Science and Humanities.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Council of Science and Humanities today informed Hannover Medical School (MHH) that the MHH Cluster of Excellence initiative "R-CUBE - Organ Regeneration, Repair and Replacement" has been invited to submit a full proposal from the draft proposals for new Clusters of Excellence submitted as part of the Excellence Strategy.

R-CUBE is one of 41 draft proposals selected for new Clusters of Excellence. Nationwide, 143 draft proposals were submitted. The 41 projects that have now been selected will join the Clusters of Excellence that have been running since 2019 in the race for funding of up to 10 million euros per year. The new seven-year funding period begins on January 1, 2026, and it will not be known until May 2025 which Clusters of Excellence will be funded.

The HTTG Clinic with its transplantation medicine and new organ perfusion strategies, but above all the LEBAO with its pluripotent stem cell technologies and its focus on the development of new forms of therapy for the treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, forms an essential component of the application concept.

Now it's time to keep our fingers crossed for the full application and the final review!