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A - General Works

Collections, Series, Collected Works AC
Encyclopedias AE
Dictionaries AG
Museums, Collectors and Collecting AM
Periodicals AP
Academies and Learned Societies AS
Yearbooks, Almanacs, Directories AY
History of Scholarship and Learning, The Humanities AZ
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B - Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

Philosophy (General) B
Logic BC
Speculative Philosophy BD
Psychology BF 1-990
Parapsychology BF 1001-1389
Occult Sciences BF 1404-2055
Aesthetics BH
Ethics BJ
Religions, Mythology, Rationalism BL
Judaism BM
Islam, Bahai Faith, Theosophy, etc. BP
Buddhism BQ
Christianity BR
The Bible BS
Doctrinal Theology BT
Practical Theology BV
Christian Denominations BX
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C - Auxiliary Sciences of History

History of Civilization CB
Diplomatics, Archives, Seals CD
Technical Chronology, Calendar CE
Genealogy CS
Biography CT
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D - World History and History of Europe, Asia, etc.

History (General) D
History of Great Britain DA
History of Central Europe DAW
History of Austria, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Czechoslovakia DB
History of France DC
History of Germany DD
History of the Greco-Roman World DE
History of Greece DF
History of Italy DG
History of Netherlands (Holland) DJ
History of Eastern Europe (General) DJK
History of Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics DK 1-949.5
History of Poland DK 4010-4800
History of Northern Europe, Scandinavia DL
History of Switzerland DQ
History of Balkan Peninsula DR
History of Asia DS
History of Africa DT
History of Romanies DX
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E-F - History of the Americas

United States E
Local History of the Americas F
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G - Geography, Anthropology, Recreation

Geography (General) G 1-922
Atlases G 1000-3122
Physical Geography GB
Environmental Sciences GE
Human Ecology, Anthropogeography GF
Physical Anthropology GN 49-298
Ethnology GN 301-674
Historic Archaeology GN 700-890
Folklore GR
Manners and Customs (General) GT
Recreation, Leisure GV
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H - Social Sciences

Social Sciences (General) H
Statistics HA
Economic Theory, Demography HB
Economic History and Conditions HC
Industries, Land use, Labor HD
Transportation and Communication HE
Commerce HF
Finance HG
Public Finance HJ
Sociology HM
Social History and Conditions, Social Problems HN
Sexual Life HQ 12-449
Family, Marriage, Home HQ 503-1064
Men HQ 1088-1090.7
Women HQ 1101-2030.7
Life Skills HQ 2035-2039
Life Style HQ 2042-2044
Societies: secret, benevolent, etc. HS
Communities, Classes, Races HT
Social Pathology, Social and Public Welfare HV
Socialism, Communism, Anarchism HX
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J - Political Science

General Legislative and executive Papers J
Political Science (General) JA
Political Theory, The State, Theories of the State JC
Political Institutions and Public Administration JF
Political Institutions and Public Administration (North America) JJ
Political Institutions and Public Administration (United States) JK
Political Institutions and Public Administration (Europe) JN
Colonies and Colonization, Emigration and Immigration, International Migration JV
International Law JX
International Relations JZ
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K - Law

Law in General, Comparative and Uniform Law, Jurisprudence K
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L - Education

Education (General) L
History of Education LA
Theory and Practice of Education LB

Higher education LB 2300-2430Education LB

Special Aspects of Education LC
Individual Institutions LF
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M - Music

Music M
Literature on Music ML
Instruction and study MT
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N - Fine Arts

Visual Arts N
Architecture NA
Sculpture NB
Drawing, Design, Illustration NC
Painting ND
Arts in General NX
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P - Language and Literature

Philology, Linguistics P
Classical Philology PA
Romance PC
Germanic PD
English PE
West Germanic PF
Slavic, Baltic, Albanian PG
Literature (General) PN
French and Spanish Literature PQ
English Literature PR
German Literature PT
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Q - Science

Science (General) Q
Mathematics QA
Astronomy QB
Physics QC
Chemistry QD
Geology QE
Natural History and Biology (General) QH
Botany QK
Zoology QL
Physiology QP
Microbiology QR
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S - Agriculture

Agriculture (General) S
Plant Culture SB
Animal Culture SF
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T - Technology

Technology (General) T
Engineering (General), Civil Engineering (General) TA
Environmental Technology, Sanitary Engineering TD
Highway Engineering. Roads and pavements TE
Railroad Engineering and Operation TF
Building Construction TH
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery TJ
Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Nuclear Engineering TK
Motor Vehicles, Aeronautics, Astronautics TL
Mining Engineering, Metallurgy TN
Chemical Technology TP
Photography TR
Manufactures TS
Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts TT
Home Economics TX
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U - Military Science

Military Science (General) U
Armies: Organization, Distribution, Military Situation UA
Military Administration UB
Military Engineering UG
Other Services UH
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V - Naval Science

Minor Services of Navies V
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X - Bibliothekswesen - Informationsangebote

Bibliothekswesen X
Informationsangebote XA
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QS - Human Anatomy

Anatomy QS 1-132
Histology QS 504-532
Embryology QS 604-681
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QT - Physiology

Reference Works, General Works QT 1-33.1
Physics, Mathematics, Engineering QT 34-37
Human Physiology QT 104-172
Physiology, Hygiene QT 180-245
Leisure Activities, Sports Medicine QT 250-275
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

QU - Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Genetics

Reference Works, General Works QU 1-54
Proteins, Amino Acids, Peptides QU 55-70
Carbohydrates, Lipids QU 75-99
Biochemistry of the Human Body QU 100-133
Enzymes QU 135-144
Nutrition, Vitamins QU 145-220
Cells QU 300-375
Genetics QU 450-560
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

QV - Pharmacology

Reference Works, General Works QV 1-57
Dermatologic Agents, Gastrointestinal Agents QV 60-75
Central Nervous System Agents, Local Anesthetics QV 76-113
Autonomic Agents, Nonmetallic Elements, Neuromuscular Agents QV 120-140
Cardiovascular Agents, Anti-Allergic Agents, Natriuretic Agents QV 150-160
Reproductive Control Agents QV 170-177
Hematologic Agents QV 180-195
Local Anti-Infective Agents, Coloring Agents, Complex Mixtures QV 220-241
Anti-Inflammatory Agents, Anti-Infective Agents, Antineoplastic Agents QV 243-269
Water, Electrolytes QV 270-285
Heavy Metals QV 290-298
Noble Gases, Oxygen, Antioxidants QV 310-325
Anti-Bacterial Agents, Tissue Extracts QV 350-370
Toxicology QV 600-666
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics QV 701-835
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QW - Microbiology and Immunology

Microbiology QW 1-300
Immunology QW 501-949
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

QX - Parasitology

Parasitology QX 1-675
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QY - Clinical Pathology

Reference Works, General Works QY 1-39
Laboratory Animals, Laboratory Techniques QY 50-110
Diagnostic Tests QY 120-350
Blood, Blood Chemistry QY 400-490
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

QZ - Pathology

Reference Works, General Works QZ 1-39
Pathogenesis, Etiology QZ 40-109
Manifestations of Disease QZ 140-190
Neoplasms, Cysts QZ 200-380
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

W - General Medicine, Health Professions

Reference Works, General Works W 1-28

Education W 18-20Biomedical Research W 20.5 Equipment W 26Informatics W 26.5

Law, Ethics, Professional-Patient Relations W 32-64

Law W 32-64Medical Ethics W 50-58Medical philosophy W 61Prof.-Patients Relations W 62

Medical Economics W 74-80

Health care costs W 74-74.1Health Manpower.. W 76-76.1Income of Physicians W 79Practise Management W 80

Biomedical Technology W 82-83.1

Biomedical Technology. W 82Telemedicine W 83-83.1

Health Services, Patients and Patient Advocacy W 84-85.5

Health Services W 84-84.8Patients, Advocacy W 85-85.5

Professional Practice W 87-96
Medical, Dental, and Pharmaceutical Service Plans W 100-275

General .... W 100-132.1Insurances... W 160-270.1Service Plans..... W 275

Social Welfare through Medicine W 322-323
Forensic Sciences W 601-925
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WA - Public Health

Reference Works, General Works WA 1-106

References.. W 1-17Education W 18-20Research.. W 20.5Public Health.. W 21 Socioeconomics... W 30-30.5Social Medicine... W 31Laws... W 32-33.1General Works... W 100Epidemiology... W 105-106

Preventive Medicine WA 108-245
Accident and Injury Prevention, Disasters WA 250-295
Health Problems of Special Population Groups WA 300-395
Occupational Medicine, Health, and Hygiene WA 400-495
Health Administration and Organization WA 525-590
Sanitation, Environmental Control WA 670-847
Statistics, Surveys WA 900-950
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WB - Practice of Medicine

Reference Works, General Works WB 1-117
Home Health Care, Works about Medicine for the Layperson WB 120-130
Diagnosis WB 141-293
Therapeutics WB 300-962
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WC - Communicable Diseases

Reference Works, General Works WC 1-100
Sexually Transmitted Diseases WC 140-185
Infection, Bacterial Infections WC 195-425
Mycoses WC 450-475
Virus Diseases WC 500-590
Rickettsiaceae Infections, Chlamydiaceae Infections WC 600-660
Tropical and Parasitic Diseases WC 680-950
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WD - Disorders of Systemic, Metabolic or Environmental Origin, etc.

Nutrition Disorders WD 100-175
Metabolic Diseases WD 200-226
Immunologic and Collagen Diseases, Hypersensitivity WD 300-380
Animal Poisons WD 400-430
Plant Poisons WD 500-530
Disorders and Injuries of Environmental Origin WD 600-670
Aviation Medicine WD 700-745
Space Medicine WD 750-758
Naval Medicine WD 800
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WE - Musculoskeletal System

Reference Works, General Works WE 1-141
Orthopedics, Reconstructive Orthopedics, Bone Transplantation WE 168-190
Bones WE 200-259
Joint Tissues WE 300-400
Muscles and Tendons WE 500-600
Head and Trunk WE 700-715
Back WE 720-755
Extremities WE 800-886
Podiatry WE 890
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WF - Respiratory System

Reference Works, General Works WF 1-110
Diseases of the Respiratory System WF 140-900
Thorax, Thoracic Surgery WF 970-985
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WG - Cardiovascular System

Reference Works, General Works WG 1-113
Cardiovascular Diseases, Diagnosis and Therapeutics WG 120-170
Heart, Heart Diseases WG 200-460
Blood Vessels, Vascular Diseases WG 500-700
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WH - Hemic and Lymphatic System

Reference Works, General Works WH 1-100
Hematologic Diseases, Immunologic Factors, Blood Banks WH 120-540
Lymphatic System WH 600-700
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WI - Digestive System

Reference Works, General Works WI 1-150
Stomatognathic System, Esophagus WI 200-250
Stomach WI 300-387
Intestines WI 400-575
Anus, Rectum WI 600-650
Liver, Biliary Tract WI 700-770
Pancreas WI 800-830
Abdomen, Abdominal Surgery WI 900-970
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WJ - Urogenital System

Reference Works, General Works WJ 1-190
Kidney WJ 300-378
Ureter, Bladder, Urethra WJ 400-600
Male Genitalia WJ 700-875
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WK - Endocrine System

Reference Works, General Works WK 1-148
Hormones, Hormone Therapy WK 150-190
Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Glands WK 200-300
Pineal Gland, Thymus Gland WK 350-400
Pituitary Gland WK 500-590
Adrenal Glands WK 700-790
Islets of Langerhans WK 800-885
Gonads WK 900-920
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WL - Nervous System

Reference Works, General Works WL 1-102
Neurons WL 102.5-102.9
Psychophysiology, Neuroscience Specialties WL 103-108
Diseases, Examination and Diagnosis (General) WL 140-160
Central Nervous System, Disorders, Therapeutics WL 200-405
Peripheral Nerves WL 500-544
Autonomic Nervous System WL 600-610
Sense Organs WL 700-710
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WM - Psychiatry

Reference Works, General Works WM 1-110
Mental Disorders, Diagnosis, Behavioral Symptoms WM 140-167
Neurotic Disorders WM 170-197
Psychotic Disorders WM 200-220
Substance-Related Disorders WM 270-290
Intellectual Disability WM 300-308
Therapies WM 400-460.7
Other Disorders WM 475-611
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WN - Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging

Reference Works, Diagnostic Technology WN 1-160
Diagnostic Imaging, Radiography WN 180-240
Radiotherapy WN 250-250.6
Radium WN 300-340
Radioactivity (Excluding Roentgen Rays and Radium) WN 415-665
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WO - Surgery

Reference Works, General Works WO 1-102
Antisepsis, Diseases, Diagnosis, Shock WO 113-149
Surgical Equipment, Artificial Organs WO 162-176
Principles of Care, Procedures WO 178-198
Anesthesia WO 200-460
Operative Surgical Procedures, Techniques WO 500-517
Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgical Procedures WO 600-640
Transplantation WO 660-690
Traumatic Injuries WO 700-820
Special Age Groups WO 925-950
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WP - Gynecology

Reference Works, General Works WP 1-390
Uterus, Cervix WP 400-480
Physiology WP 505-560
Fertility, Infertility WP 565-570
Menopause, Sexual Dysfunction WP 580-610
Contraception WP 630-640
Therapy WP 650-660
Breast WP 800-910
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WQ - Obstetrics

Reference Works, General Works WQ 1-150
Childbirth, Prenatal Care WQ 152-175
Reproduction, Pregnancy WQ 200-212
Pregnancy Complications WQ 215-270
Labor WQ 300-330
Obstetric Surgical Procedures WQ 400-450
Postpartum Period WQ 500-505
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WR - Dermatology

Reference Works, General Works WR 1-105
Skin Diseases WR 140-340
Parasitic Skin Diseases WR 345-375
Skin Appendages WR 390-475
Neoplasms, Ulcers, Occupational Dermatitis, Therapy WR 500-660
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WS - Pediatrics

Reference Works, General Works WS 1-100
Growth and Development WS 103-105
Intellectual Disability, Learning Disorders WS 107-110
Child Care, Nutrition, Physical Examination WS 113-141
Diseases of Children and Adolescents WS 200-342
Child Psychology, Child Psychiatry WS 350-350.8
Pediatric Specialties WS 360-368
By Age Groups WS 405-460
Adolescent Psychology, Adolescent Psychiatry WS 462-463
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WT - Geriatrics, Chronic Disease

Reference Works WT 1-39
Geriatrics WT 100-166
Chronic Disease WT 500
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WU - Dentistry, Oral Surgery

Reference Works, General Works WU 1-49
Ethics, Professional Practice and Personnel, Records WU 50-95
Anatomy, Physiology, Hygiene WU 100-113.7
Diseases, Injuries, Technology, Therapeutics WU 140-166
Dental Chemistry and Materials WU 170-190
Dental Anatomy, Diseases WU 210-290
Operative Dentistry WU 300-360
Orthodontics WU 400-440
Special Patient Groups WU 460-495
Prosthodontics WU 500-530
Oral Surgery WU 600-640
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WV - Otolaryngology

Reference Works, General Works WV 1-101
Diseases, Therapeutics WV 140-190
Ear WV 200-290
Nose and Paranasal Sinuses WV 300-358
Pharyngeal Region WV 400-440
Larynx WV 500-540
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WW - Ophthalmology

Reference Works, General Works WW 1-100
Eye WW 101-290
Refraction, Errors of Refraction WW 300-340
Corrective Devices WW 350-358
Neuromuscular Mechanism, Neurologic Manifestations of Disease WW 400-460
Manifestations of Disease, Poor Vision WW 475-480
Occupational Ophthalmology, Eye Injuries WW 505-525
Age Groups WW 600-620
Optometry WW 704-722.1
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WX - Hospitals and Other Health Facilities

Reference Works, General Works WX 1-100
Facility Design and Construction, Equipment WX 140-147
Hospital Administration and Health Facility Administration WX 150-190
Clinical Departments and Units WX 200-225
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WY - Nursing

Reference Works WY 1-49
Economics, Ethics, Philosophy, Psychological Aspects WY 77-88
Referral, Nursing Care, Assessment and Audit WY 90-100.7
Nursing Specialties WY 101-145
Nursing in Special Fields of Medicine WY 150-170
Other Services WY 191-200
Zeitschriften / Periodicals

WZ - History of Medicine, Medical Miscellany

Reference Works, General Works WZ 1-40
History by Period, Locality, etc. WZ 51-80
Biography WZ 100-150
Manuscripts WZ 220-225
Early Printed Books WZ 230-260
Modern Versions and Commentaries of Early Works WZ 290-294
Miscellany Relating to Medicine WZ 305-350
Zeitschriften / Periodicals