Information on the delivery of deposit copies

in die Luft fliegende Doktorhüte

Depending on the doctoral regulations, a number of printed copies as well as an identical digital version of the dissertation must be delivered to the library. After the library has checked the submitted copies, the Doctoral Office will be notified accordingly.

Some of the printed copies are forwarded to the German Central Library of Medicine (Cologne) and to the German National Library (Frankfurt/Main).

The library of the Medical School offers all doctoral candidates of the MHH to publish their doctoral thesis on the internet. This publication is an additional offer to the conventional publication by means of printed copies, it does not replace the printed version and is voluntary.

Since 2015, the DNB as well as the ZBMed have waived the submission of mandatory copies if the doctorate is published online. In this case, fewer print copies need to be submitted (3 for doctorates or 2 for PhDs).

According to the doctoral regulations, it is possible to make the dissertation accessible to the public after a delay (1-3 years). Corresponding applications must be fully signed (the signature of the Dean of Research is obtained by the library) and submitted to the library with the deposit copies.

The MHH offers all doctoral candidate at the MHH the opportunity to have their dissertation checked for plagiarism once and on their own initiative.

The Office of the Dean of Research has compiled information on copyright in connection with the publication of a doctoral thesis.

There you will also find the explanations on good scientific practice.

Further information on the e-learning course 'Good Scientific Practice' can be found on the website of the Doctoral Office.


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