GOA Publication Fund of the MHH

Since 01.09.2022, the MHH also funds publications that do not meet the criteria of the DFG Publication Fund.

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MHH Open Access Publication Fund

DFG Publication Fund

With the DFG Publication Fund 2021/2022, the MHH supports its members in publishing in pure (gold) Open Access journals.

Your articles will be funded by direct payment from the publication fund or by retrospective reimbursement to MHH institute accounts, with their cost centers or LOM where the invoice has been paid in advance if the conditions below apply.


Articles in subscription-based journals with an OA option are not eligible for funding, because in this so-called hybrid model the universities incur double costs. On the one hand, the higher education institutions pay subscription fees in order to obtain reading access to the journal and, on the other hand, publication fees in order to publish individual articles in this journal Open Access.

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