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Scientific findings want to be shared, evaluated, developed further if necessary, brought together and applied. Their visibility and retrieval are ensured through their publication in publishing houses and/or open access platforms, as publishing productions, in (research data) repositories, etc..

In medicine, most publications are made online; reinforced by the demands of national and international research sponsors and funding agencies, value is placed on transparent publication of results and data in the sense of open access, meaning free, public access without access restrictions by law or technology.

In the course of this, the Senate adopted an Open Access Policy for the authors of the Hannover Medical School in 2018.

The open-access-network initiative offers a wide range of information on the topic of OPEN ACCESS, from basic knowledge to research data management.

On the general topic of "scientific publishing", literature can be found on the library shelves under the classification section "LB" (working scientifically, academic writing, doctoral studies in general) and "WZ 345" (specifically for medicine and natural sciences), links to e-books in the library's online catalogue.  

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