Representation of transparency in research through research data management

Research data management

Publishing research data


In 2021, the library of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) will begin a six-month test phase for the publication of research data of MHH scientists, initiated and agreed upon by the Research Commission.


All scientific activity generates research data that are also relevant beyond this process. Open Access to these data, as required by external funding sources or publishers, ensures more transparency in research in compliance with the guidelines of the LHK and the MWK of Lower Saxony. Therefore, your data will be preserved in the long term, comprehensible and will have an influence on the research long after the research process is over.

Publishing using the repository "RepoMed":

Based on the DFG's guidelines for safeguarding good research practice, the MHH implements the archiving of research data in the form of a repository.


The existing repository "RepoMed" at the library enables the management of research data in compliance with the FAIR principles. "RepoMed" is the institutional publication repository of the MHH and is operated by the library. The library is technically supported in this by the central office of the Joint Library Network Göttingen (VZG-Reposis-Service).

Information on the handling of research data:

Research Data Concept

We need this information from you:

Published data will be provided with an appropriate (selectable) CC-BY license and a (selectable) restriction level as well as enriched by metadata. A relationship with a possible article publication can be implemented.


Your data can be accessed by the following restriction levels:

1)         Open Access (completely open access)

2)         access for registered users of „RepoMed“

3)         non-open access with

3a)       permission from the data owner               or

3b)       with contractually regulated conditions via reserach data management.


The clarification of legal and ethical issues remains the responsibility of the data owner.

Would you like to publish your data? Here's how to proceed:

For the publication of your research data on "RepoMed" we need:


An advisory service ( has been established and is provided by Alica Schweissing, research data manager.