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Affiliation and publication policy

The MHH publishes the affiliation and publication policy passed in the 601st Senate for German and English language publications at the MHH.

Research Data Policy

As part of the MHH research data management working group, a research data policy was created, which was passed by the Senate on 3 May 2023.



The MHH publication server for the free Open Access publication of scientific publications in a new design.

Publication Fund


For 2022 a DFG-sponsered publication-fund is available for the publication in Open-Access-Jounals. You can find further information about the requirements for the funds here 

Access to JoVE and webop


The two video-based databases JoVE and webop are now available to you.

JoVE provides video-recorded experiments from the life sciences with instructions and methods for carrying out the experiments as PDF, with an accessible audio track and in numerous languages.

There are two modules at webop: general and visceral surgery and vascular surgery. Operative interventions are broken down into important steps and presented in video sequences, text and illustration.



Since August 2021, access to the UpToDate database has no longer been enabled for the MHH campus network.

For (discounted) individual licenses, please contact (Tel. 9839). Danger:

In the case of private orders (without the involvement of the library), please note that the sales tax ID of the publisher and the sales tax ID of the MHH must be visible on the invoice so that the invoice amount can be reimbursed to you. A statement of sales tax must not be available.

DEAL project


Current information on the negotiations with the major scientific publishers as part of the DEAL project can be found here: Elsevier, Springer Nature, Wiley.