Prof. Dr. med. Moritz Schmelzle

As a privately insured patient with the optional benefit "treatment by a chief physician", you have the opportunity to be treated personally by Professor Dr. Schmelzle. In this case, your initial appointment will take place during the private consultation hours, which are held Mondays to Fridays by individual arrangement. If you are to be admitted as an inpatient, you will be accommodated in a single or double room in our modern transplant and private ward 85, if possible. Professor Schmelzle always performs his operations personally, assisted by his team of selected physicians from our clinic. His surgical expertise covers the entire spectrum of general, visceral and transplantation surgery; a special focus is on upper abdominal, pancreatic and liver surgery. For selected special interventions (e.g., from the sub-specialties of endocrine surgery and transplantation surgery), additional specially qualified senior physicians from our organ-related treatment teams are also consulted.

We are convinced that our surgical treatment mission is more important than a patient's insurance status. For this reason, Professor Schmelzle and his team regularly treat patients who are not privately insured and who present to him with a specific underlying disease (e.g., large tumors of the liver and pancreas). Our chief secretary's office will answer any questions you may have about this - as well as further questions about the organizational process, making appointments, and insurance status, including single rooms.

Inquiries and appointments

Monday to Friday
via Mrs Brauns, Mrs Özer
☎ (0511) 532 - 6534
E-Mail: Schmelzle.moritz(at)mh-hannover-de  or Brauns.wiebke(at), Oezer.huesna(at)
Building K11 Level S0 Room 2070