Living liver Donation

"Since performing the first liver transplant in Germany in 1973, the MHH has established itself as one of the most experienced and largest transplant centers in Germany and Europe. Today, liver transplantation represents a standard therapeutic procedure for acute or chronic liver failure. In close interdisciplinary cooperation, especially with our colleagues of the Department of Hepatology at the MHH, liver transplantation is offered for all common indications after appropriate evaluation of the cause of liver failure and assessment of the health status of the potential recipient. In addition to conventional transplantation of an organ referred via the waiting list, this also includes living donor liver transplantation.

Since the turn of the millennium, more than 2,000 liver transplants have been performed at the MHH. The proportion of living donations during this period was approximately 8%. In principle, only people who are of age and capable of giving consent can donate part of their liver if they are obviously (e.g. first or second degree relatives, spouses, registered civil partners, fiancées) or emotionally (close friends) close to the recipients. Furthermore, there must be consent for a living donation and the donor must be suitable according to an extensive medical assessment.

Please contact us personally, also for a second opinion!"

Senior physician Dr. N. Richter, Head of divisions Transplantat surgery

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