Pancreas transplantation

"Since the first pancreas transplantation was performed in Germany in 1987, the MHH has established itself as one of the most experienced and largest transplant centers in Germany.

The transplantation of a pancreas, usually in combination with a kidney transplant, is numerically the rarest transplantation in Germany among the abdominal organs, but very beneficial for the individual recipients. Patients who are candidates for this combined transplantation are usually those with type 1 diabetes mellitus, which has been present for decades and in the course of which a loss of kidney function with the need for dialysis ("blood washing") has occurred. In special cases, isolated transplantation of the pancreas without kidney transplantation is also possible, especially in the case of blood sugar fluctuations that cannot be controlled with medication. The selection of appropriate patients, inclusion on the waiting list and follow-up care are only possible in close cooperation with our colleagues of the Departments of Nephrology, and Gastroenterology and Diabetology. Through national and international cooperation as well as experimental and clinical research projects, our department offers modern transplantation surgery at the highest level.

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Senior physician Dr. N. Richter, Head of divisions Transplantat surgery

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