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Nursing at MHH


Whether you’re a patient, relative, employee, applicant or interested professional – let us introduce ourselves so you know who we are, what makes us tick, what you can expect from us, and how to find us.

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Working in nursing ...

at Hannover Medical School, this has many positives


The nursing division

Nursing management

... guides and shapes the constant changes in the healthcare sector. We aspire to consistently seek the best solutions for our patients and our staff.

Section Heads of Nursing

... The Nursing Division contains seven separate Nursing Sections. Each of these Sections has its own Head who is in charge of all wards and functional units.

Staff units

... We aspire, despite financial challenges, to consistently seek the best solutions for our patients and our staff.

General information on care (care model)

... Here you’ll find a description of our care model (in German) containing all the most important information such as how we incorporate nursing science and our relevant documentation.

Philosophy of nursing

... The way we do things is guided by a shared philosophy of nursing. This is reflected in our vision, our mission and the approach to care that we adopt.

Organization chart

... To provide a better overview, here you can see our various units in the form of a chart. It will help you understand our organizational structure at a glance.


Careers in nursing

Job vacancies / applications

Are you a career starter or an experienced professional on the lookout for new challenges in your work and personal life? Then why not become part of our nursing teams?

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With more than 550 training places and extensive learning opportunities for career starters we are an indispensable part of MHH.

To Care Training Academy

Internship abroad with Erasmus+

Would you like to complete a study trip abroad in Europe in the form of an internship as part of your professional activity at the MHH or as a trainee at a health care facility in Germany?

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