Application Guidelines

The online application platform is jointly used by the three annual international PhD Programs of Hannover Biomedical Research School (HBRS): Molecular Medicine, Infection Biology / DEWIN, and Regenerative Sciences. You will be asked for your preferred 1st and 2nd choice. Make sure to select Regenerative Sciences as your 1st choice! Please note that a second choice must be well explained in your letter of motivation (see below, 10. Research Interest).

Following the program choice the application platform is subdivided into 12 different sections each of which contains a brief description on what you are asked for at the top. In each section you will be asked for certain information as well as to upload specific documents. Below you will find a list including all documents you will be asked to upload (some are mandatory, others are optional) as well as longer texts that you will have to write. The list is sorted according to the sections of the application platform.

Please note:

  • Each field comes with a short description. Please read it carefully and stick to the given instructions.
  • Fields required for submission need to be filled in and carry an exclamation mark. Once these fields were successfully filled in they are ticked in green.
  • filenames of uploads should be short, in English and not contain any spaces or special characters!
  • For scanned documents please upload either unprotected PDF files (recommended) or JPEG files. All uploads have a size restriction of 2 MB each, so please take care that uploads are not too big. We recommend scanning documents with 300dpi. If a document consists of more than one page it is recommended to combine those pages into a single PDF. This can be done easily by using Acrobat or other PDF generating programs that are available as freeware.