Netiquette of the MHH

We look forward to your enquiries, comments and contributions to discussions about our content on the social media channels of the MHH. In order to facilitate a fair and objective discussion, we have formulated the following rules. As the host, we reserve the right to delete your posts if they violate these rules. In case of repeated violations, the respective user will be blocked.

  1. Remain polite and respectful. Remember that written words do not convey gestures and facial expressions.
  2. Keep texts and comments short.
  3. Be careful with ironic remarks - it is too easy for misunderstandings to arise. You can avoid misunderstandings by using emoticons in moderation.
  4. Pay attention to the readability of your posts, consider spelling and punctuation. Think before you write - and read what you have written again before you press "Send".
  5. We use the personal form of address "You" on our channels.
  6. You can't say "thank you" often enough.
  7. Please make sure that your message is relevant to the topic. Spam or advertising have no place on our channels and will be deleted.
  8. Discrimination, sexist or racist statements as well as false allegations and conspiracy theories are not welcome at the MHH and will therefore be deleted immediately.
  9. Do not publish personal data or telephone numbers.
  10. Photos and videos (especially of patients) should not be distributed without consideration: Please respect copyright and data protection laws.
  11. Responsibility: We do not take responsibility for the contributions of users. We distance ourselves from discriminatory, sexist or racist statements.
  12. Enquiries: We always answer your enquiries as quickly as possible. The social media team only works on weekdays. Enquiries that reach us late in the evening or at the weekend can only be processed on the following working day.
  13. Appointments or medical advice: Please note that medical advice or appointments cannot be given through our social media channels. It is best to contact the Patient Service Center (German).
  14. Applications and corresponding documents will not be processed via social media. Information on open positions and study places can be found on our careers page (German).