Semester fees


The semester fee for the summer term 2022 is € 389.19 and the amount is made up as follows:


  • Student services:                          € 76.00
    (Studentenwerk Hannover)
  • Student union:                               € 12.78
  • Administrative fee:                         € 75.00                           
  • Semester ticket:                             € 225.41                         
    (public transport in Hannover/GVH + railway transport in regional trains in Niedersachsen/Bremen)

Legal basis: Student services fee regulation of December 2015, Student union fee regulation, §§ 11, 12, 14 and 19 Collegiate Law of Lower Saxony (NHG), § 7 regulation of enrolment of the MHH.

Please note: senior students, long-term students, persons receiving a stipend/scholarship, students on leave of absence and students of MSc Midwifery have to pay deviating fees. If you belong to one of those groups, you will be notified separately.

If you already know that you have to pay long-term tuition fees or that you will take leave of absence, click here for the respective forms. Please click here for further information on long-term tuition fees (German only).