Data storage and transmission / intellectual property rights

Intellectual property and publication of results

Users are the sole owners of the measurement results. Users from the academic sector may use information and intellectual property of the central research unit without restriction for teaching and research ("foreground IP").
The involvement of the sorter lab in the generation of data should be taken into account when it is published. If the extent of involvement justifies co-authorship by members of the sorter lab (e.g., development of methods, extensive analyses, participation in experimental design, etc.), they should be involved in the preparation of the manuscript. Any other form of involvement should be mentioned in the acknowledgement, e.g., "We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Cell Sorting Core Facility at the Hannover Medical School supported in part by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft."

Storage and transmission of data

Users can download their data via password-protected access for their own analyses (CryptShare). This possibility is limited to 14 days and it is the users' responsibility to download and archive the data. The list mode files of all cell sortings and analyses are stored permanently in the central research facility and can be made available to the user later in exceptional cases. However, we do not assume any responsibility for possible data loss.