Sorting fees

This facility offers service to the following groups and organizations with descending priority and varying fees:

  • Departments of Hannover Medical School (MHH), the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover (TiHo) and Collaborative Research Centres (SFB) with participation of MHH    30,- € / h
  • Customers associated with other academical (non-profit) organizations      80,- € / h
  • Customers from commercial companies     180,- € / h


For customers belonging to the first group there are no fees accounted for scientific support and help with the execution of sorting experiments. The development of novel methods can be established in cooperation with the Central Facility Cell Sorting.

Fees will be accounted according to the reserved time or to the effective sorting time plus instrument setup (in case that these exceed the time booked). Delays caused by the customer will be charged.

For cell sorting at safety level BSL2 the double hourly fee will be accounted, since no other sort can be processed in parallel.


All cells need to be filtered through a nylon mesh prior to sorting (40 µm for 70 µm Nozzle, 50-70 µm for sorts with 100 µm nozzle and above). This is the responsibility of the customer (see sample preparation). However, the required material is ready for application in the sorter lab:

  • Falcon tube with 35 µm Nylon mesh cap (Falcon 5 ml Cell Strainer Cap # 352235)    1,- € each
  • Partec cell strainer "CellTrics" for 15 ml tubes (e.g. 50 µm #04-0042-2317)   1,- € each