Organizational concept

The Head of RCUG (Dr. Dittrich-Breiholz) reports directly to the President for Research and Education of the MHH. He is responsible for the budget compliance, makes all major decisions regarding the "operative core tasks" and is the primary contact person for project requests within the MHH.

The medium- to long-term strategic orientation of the RCUG is discussed and further developed in a steering group - in close coordination with the university president. The steering group meets two-four times a year and focuses on the following topics:

  • Strategic discussions about medium-term development of the RCUG.

  • Participation of the RCUG in joint applications and large research projects

  • Organization of (additional) resources (personal, infrastructural, financial)

  • Coordination and organization of "decentralized sequencers" and of "associated collaborators".

  • Coordination and networking with bioinformatics and IT infrastructure resources at the MHH.

The RCUG steering group is currently composed as follows:

  • Prof. Dr. Meike Stiesch
  • Prof. Dr. Helge Frieling
  • Prof. Dr. Burkhard Tümmler
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig (Speaker)
  • Dr. Lutz Wiehlmann
  • Dr. Oliver Dittrich-Breiholz (Deputy Speaker)


The current organizational concept of the RCUG

For more detailed information, see the June 2017 RCUG evaluation.