Research Core Unit Transcriptomics

As of January 01, 2017, the Research Core Units Transcriptomics and Next Generation Sequencing have been merged and thereby became the new Research Core Unit Genomics.

Please visit our new homepage exclusively for current requests.

Some selected content of the former "Transcriptomics Homepage", which no longer reflects the current status quo but still contains some useful information, can be found below.


Since its formation in January 2012, our service unit is open to all departments and institutes of the MHH for the execution of Microarray-based transcriptome analyses.

Our special expertise in the fields of planning, technical execution, analysis and publication of mRNA expression studies was honed during 10 years of research as a central service project within the SFB566.

Numerous groups of various departments have used services of the microarray lab so far.

Our services range from the quality control of RNA samples submitted to us to the realization of complete Microarray-based mRNA expression experiments. The microarray data generated are quality-controlled before being finally provided in standardized Excel-based formats. These formats are continuously improved by us and are described in explanatory manuals (see below).

One of our main objectives is to reduce the overall complexity of the data sets generated; providing scientists without previous microarray experience with an early insight into the most prominent gene expression changes and overall data reliability. By supplying clients with a “first impression” of the generated data, we ensure they are better equipped to take efficient decisions regarding the analysis and/or the continuation of an ongoing microarray study.

The need to take key decisions is, however, not restricted to the time of first data evaluation. In fact, an enormous range of options is available during all steps of the analysis process, starting from the planning phase up to the preparation of data for publication. We are on hand to advise our clients on the best way to extract meaningful information from microarray data.

As with all multi-parameter or high throughput approaches, the level of knowledge gained from microarray data strongly depends on a carefully planned experimental study design. Therefore, the planning stage is the ideal time to get in contact with us.