Prof. Dr. Immo Prinz

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Institute of Immunology, OE 5240


Phone: +49 511 532 9739


Research Focus

We are exploring the development, homeostasis, and function of innate lymphocytes such as NK cells and γδ T cells. These cells likely play an important role in the immediate immune response to invading pathogens. The focus of our group is clearly the investigation of γδ T cells, in particular of the mechanisms that lead to their differentiation into interferon-γ or interleukin-17 producing effector cells. Thereby, we are very interested in the role of the γδ TCR and the relation of TCR specificity and γδ T cell function. To this end, we established protocols for high-throughput TCR sequencing. Furthermore, we investigate the dynamics of γδ T cells using a TcrdH2BeGFP reporter „knock-in“ system, which allows us to track γδ T cells by means of an intrinsic bright green fluorescence in their nuclei. In parallel, we are generating additional „knock-in“ und „knock-out” models to study the function of γδ T cells and other innate lymphocytes.

Prinz Group

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