The CTC was established as a central institution of the 'health care' Department PM2 of the Executive Committee of the Medical School Hannover on 01 September 2011. 
The CTC took over entirely the manufacture of blood and tissue preparations from Cytonet Hannover GmbH, a private company which used to collaborate with the MHH.


Organizational chart of the CTC in accordance with AMG

The CTC possesses 3 fully GMP-compliant cleanrooms equipped for the production of cell preparations (Class B, with work areas of Class A, in adherence to Annex 1 of the EU-GMP-Guidelines). Each room has a surface of approximately 25 m². The CTC also has standard laboratories for quality control and development. 
The team consists of four academic and seven technical specialists. The roles of the staff are illustrated on the organizational chart and meet the German Medicinal Products Act (AMG, “Arzneitmittelgesetz”) requirements. The chart also lists the responsibilities of each employee of the CTC and of the competent staff working at cooperating institutes and clinics of the MHH.

The abbreviation GMP stands for "Good Manufacturing Practices".
The GMP guidelines define the comprehensive Quality Assurance rules stipulated by the legislative authority in regards to the manufacture, testing, release and commercialization of pharmaceutical products and active ingredients.