Professor Bettina Wedi, MD


Deputy Clinic Director
Head of the allergology department
Head of the dermatological day care clinic
Head of the dermatology-allergology laboratory
Medical quality management representative
PI in clinical studies


Phone: 0511 532-0
Fax: 0511 532-161013


  • Specialist in dermatology and venereology
  • Additional qualification in allergology
  • Authorized for additional training in allergology (12 months, Lower Saxony Medical Association)
  • Principal Investigator in clinical studies


Clinical and scientific focus

  • All forms of urticaria and angioedema, hereditary angioedema, drug hypersensitivity, insect venom allergy, allergen immunotherapy, in vitro allergy diagnostics
  • Role of eosinophils and basophilic granulocytes in allergic and autoimmunological inflammatory reactions
  • Pathophysiology of angioedema, identification of biomarkers in hereditary angioedema

Professor Wedi, has significantly contributed to the preparation of national as well as European guidelines on the following allergological topics: Hereditary Angioedema, Urticaria, Drug Hypersensitivity, Insect Venom Allergy, Allergic Rhinitis, Specific Immunotherapy (details can be found at or in the publication list). She has been a guideline representative of the German Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI) since 2005 and head of the Allergology Subcommittee of the Quality Assurance Commission of the German Society of Dermatology (DDG) since 2006.

Current functions in centers and scientific societies

  • Director of the Interdisciplinary Allergy Center of the MHH (since 2016 certified as Comprehensive Allergy Center)
  • Head of the Treatment Center for Hereditary Angioedema, B-Center in the Center for Rare Diseases of the MHH (ZSE)
  • Extended board member, spokesperson of the dermatology section, head of the guideline quality commission and guideline representative of the German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI)
  • Head of the Allergology Subcommittee of the Quality Assurance Commission of the German Dermatological Society (DDG)
  • Coordinator of the National Guidelines on Urticaria and Allergen Immunotherapy, participation in the National Guidelines on: Nasal provocation test, Allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, Drug hypersensitivity, Betalactam hypersensitivity, Insect venom allergy, UV phototherapy, Hereditary angioedema (details at
  • Chief Section Editor Skin Allergy for the journal "Frontiers in Allergy".
  • Scientific Advisory Board for the journal "Allergologie" (association organ of the DGAKI) and Allergologie select
  • Reviewer for numerous national and international dermatological and allergological journals



  • Working Group Dermatological Research (ADF)
  • German Dermatological Society (DDG),
  • German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI)
  • German Society for Angioedema (DGA)
  • German Cancer Society (DKG)
  • European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI)
  • European Network of Drug Allergy (ENDA) Interest Group of the EAACI


Editorial Activities

  • Scientific Advisory Board for "Allergologie select"