Campus Access Gateway (CAG)

The campus access has been changed. Since October 28, 2019, CAG users can only log in with a one-time password (OTP). For this you need a password generator (OTP program), which you have to set up on your private/office cell phone according to the instructions (below).

  • Link:
    Partial (CAG) / and complete access (CAGRSA) with username, password and numeric code.
    You have to set up OTP with your private/office cell phone according to the instructions below. All existing users of CAG and CAGRSA can use this with OTP. Existing RSA token, RSA EMAIL and RSA SMS can also use this website until around 2021.

Setup of MHH-OTP numeric code via your private/office cell phone

For the campus access you need to use the OTP procedure. With this procedure, a new 6-digit numerical password is generated every 30 seconds after setup via a cell phone. This procedure is also used by many banks.

Download Citrix client

To start the programs you need a Citrix client (receiver). You can download it system-independently from the Citrix website: For Windows 8,8.1,10 or Mac OS you can also choose the following download.

MHH IT guidelines

Campus access is intended only for employees and students of Hannover Medical School and is only permitted for official purposes. The requirements of the guidelines for the use of the IT services of the MHH (in German only), the guideline use of IT (internal document, only accessible within the MHH network, in German only) and the general data privacy must be observed! Login attempts are logged!