Tel.: 7777

What do you have to consider when you report a case:

You can report a fault or inquiry directly by telephone. A member of staff will work with you to record all the necessary information and create an incident in our IT Service Management System.

At the end of your call you will receive an incident number, which you and we can use to trace the case.

Before you contact us, for example to report a printing error or SAP problem, please allow sufficient time and have the following information ready:

  1.     Your full name
  2.     Your reachability (phone number, beeper, email)
  3.     Your work area (department, organizational unit, ward, ...)
  4.     The name of the device with the suspected fault (e.g. PC3G9123, CS1134546, GE111234)
  5.     The location where the problem occurred (building, floor, room number)
  6.     Whether your case concerns only you, many users or the entire area
  7.     A detailed description of your case (if necessary, patient data, case number, I-number)
  8.     Impact on your work

    With your active support we can handle the case more effectively and help you quickly.


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