Shibboleth/ DFN-AAI

Shibboleth is a software developed by Internet2/MACE that implements a distributed authentication and authorization infrastructure (AAI). This allows users uniform access to resources provided by different providers, the so-called Service Providers (SP's), on the Internet. The concept of Shibboleth is that users only have to authenticate once at their home institution in order to be able to access services or licensed content from different providers regardless of location (single sign-on).

Hannover Medical School is a member of DFN-AAI, the authentication and authorization infrastructure of DFN-Verein, and meets the highest reliability class Advanced. In principle, all service providers of the DFN-AAI are supported ( For many of these services, however, the institution must be enabled on the part of the provider SP.  

On the websites of the various service providers, "Shibboleth Login", "Login via DFN-AAI", "Login via Institute" or similar must be selected.

All registered institutions will be listed. Please find "Hannover Medical School" (English) or „Medizinische Hochschule Hannover“ (German) and select it from the list.

For logging in the domain username/password of the MHH is used!

The following services are available for The MHH:


Meeting Scheduler

Web conferences (MHH employees only)

File sharing (Cloud services)

Learning platforms