Scientific Workgroups


Group Leader



Structure and Function of Molecular MotorsProf. Dr. Dietmar Manstein3700I3
Structural Bioinformatics and Chemical BiologyProf. Dr. Matthias Preller2804I4
Cellular BiophysicsProf. Dr. Georgios Tsiavaliaris8591I3
Cytoskeleton DynamicsProf. Dr. Jan Faix2928I3
Functional Characterization of Myosins in Health and DiseaseDr. Manual H. Taft8657I4
Structural and Functional Analysis of Disease Relevant ProteinsPD. Dr. Susanne Eschenburg8655I4
Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen InteractionsDr. Thomas Reubold8656I4
Macromolecular MechanismsPD. Dr. Roman Fedorov3705I4
Time-resolved LaserspectroscopyDr. Igor Chizhov5173I4
Protein Engineering with DNA Binding ProteinsProf. Dr. Jürgen Alves3703I3
Bacterial DNA ReplicationProf. Dr. Ute Curth9372I3
Cellular NanoscopyDr. Simon Hennig8582I3