Scientific Workgroups


Group Leader



Structure and Function of Molecular Motors Prof. Dr. Dietmar Manstein 3700 I3
Cellular Biophysics Prof. Dr. Georgios Tsiavaliaris 8591 I3
Cytoskeleton Dynamics Prof. Dr. Jan Faix 2928 I3
Functional Characterization of Myosins in Health and Disease Dr. Manuel H. Taft 8657 I4
Structural and Functional Analysis of Disease Relevant Proteins PD. Dr. Susanne Eschenburg 8655 I4
Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen Interactions Dr. Thomas Reubold 8656 I4
Macromolecular Mechanisms Prof. Dr. Roman Fedorov 3705 I4
Structural Biology of Human Diseases Dr. Michael Zahn 5173 I4
Bacterial DNA Replication Prof. Dr. Ute Curth 9372 I3
Actinopathies and Myosinopathies Dr. Johannes Greve 3706 I4