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Welcome to Hanover Medical School (MHH) with IsiEmhh

IsiEmhh is a guidance program, especially for first semester students to ease your start in this new exciting chapter of your life.

IsiEmhh - what's that?

IsiEmhh means integration, linguistic and intercultural start into your studies at MHH.

Since 2008, the program is known for promoting integration of students with international background at Hanover Medical School. At first, the program only served medical students and was called IsiEmed but since winter semester 2015/2016 all other majors are included aswell. Hence the name change to IsiEmhh.

One main focus of this project are intercultural skills that are of growing importance in our multicultural society and demand a lot from a new generation of young doctors. 

IsiEmhh supports international students who start studying at our university and whose native tongue is not German, especially during their first year of studies. Our aim is to facilitate the start into your studies at MHH and make you feel welcome in your new surroundings. 
Moreover, IsiEmhh wants to raise awareness for the important topic of integration and cultural diversity in teaching staff members, staff in the hospital and in research and tries to involve them in the program.

We are looking forward to get to know you and to accompany you during your first term at MHH.



Tauwaldt / International Office

IsiEmhh documentary

Students participating in the program filmed a documentary capturing the welcoming spirit of Hannover Medical School. The documentary is in German though English subtitles are available.

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IsiEmhh panel discussion

Crackerbarrels and intercultural evenings are an important part of the IsiEmhh program. The topics range from the refugee crisis to healthcare in the students countries of origin to many more.

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IsiEmhh volleyball tournament

Nearing the end of the summer semester at Medical School Hannover students and staff alike are drawn to the annual volleyball tournament. Good music and an open barbecue add to the flair.

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