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Dr. Laura Hinze
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Kaiser / MHH

Research at MHH

The MHH ranks amongst the strongest research institutions in Germany. Further information about our research foci, teams, advisory services and more can be found at the Research Dean's Office.

Office of the Dean of Research
Kaiser / MHH

Teaching at MHH

As the only German university dedicated exclusively to health services, educating future clinicians and scientists is an inseparable part of our identity. For further information click below.

Studies and teaching at MHH
Kaiser / MHH

Promoting talent at MHH

A special focus at the MHH is the promotion of young scientists: Identifying talent early on and promoting it sustainably.

Office of the Dean for Academic Career Development
Kaiser / MHH

About MHH

The Board Members for Research and Teaching, Patient CareBusiness & Administration form the Presidium. The University Council advises both the Presidium and the Senate.

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