Institute of Experimental Hematology

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Prof. Dr. med.
Axel Schambach, PhD



Medizinische Hochschule Hannover  
Institut Experimentelle Hämatologie
- OE 6960 -
Carl-Neuberg-Str. 1
D-30625 Hannover

Tel.: +49  511 532 - 5170/6067

Fax: +49 511 532 - 6068


  •  The Institute of Experimental Hematology investigates the biology of blood cell formation and function with a special focus on genetic cell modification as a new therapeutic modality.
  •  Our research groups collaborate to form a portfolio ranging from the generation and expansion of stem cells to the control or enhancement of cell differentiation and function.  We connect basic research and strong translational efforts in the field of molecular cell modification for the treatment of severe blood diseases, such as immune disorders and leukemia. The detection and prevention of risks associated with genetic cell modification and training of young scientists are important missions of our Institute.
  •  The Institute of Experimental Hematology contributes to strong research networks of Hannover Medical School, including the DFG-funded cluster of excellence REBIRTH, the collaborative research center SFB738, and the Integrated  Research  and  Treatment  Center  for  Transplantation  Medicine  (IFB-Tx). Furthermore,  we  participate  in  the  DFG-funded  research priority   program   “mechanisms  of   gene  vector  entry  and persistence” (SPP1230), several network projects supported by the BMBF,  DAAD and Federal State of Lower Saxony (R2N) as well as integrated projects of the EU Horizon 2020  RECOMB and the ERC.