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Tel:  +49 511 532 -2754 (Büro),

Fax: +49 511 532-161215

Adresse: 30625 Hannover, Carl-Neuberg-Str.1

Büro:  Gebäude J03, Block 01, Ebene 03, Raum 1330


  • BSc Biotechnology from Amrita School of Biotechnology
  • MSc Nanomedical science from Amrita Center for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine

       Research Assistant

  • International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  • Guide: Dr. Amit Sharma
  • Lab Group: Structural Parasitology

       Project Associate - I

  • National Center for Biological Science
  • Guide: Dr. Varadharajan Sundaramurthy
  • Lab Group: Host - Pathogen Interaction



  • Role of SUMO-specific isopeptidases in striated muscle function



  • Transformation, Production, Purification and Crystallization of Proteins.
  • Protein validation assays.
  • Confirmed variations between tRNA synthetases between different parasites and successfully performed crystallization of the proteins.
  • Protein-Protein interaction and mutation structural study using NMR.
  • Experience in handling FPLC/HPLC and interpretation of MS/NMR data.
  • RT-PCR, Thermal Shift Assay, Iso Thermal Calorimetry, Single Cell Imaging and Analysis
  • Homology modelling, Virtual Drug/ligand screening, Protein structure prediction