Application / Information

Basic Information

  • Date: August 25th - September 6th, 2024 (One week lecture program and one week lab rotation; one additional lab rotation possible)
  • Application: 15th January to 30th April 2024 (
  • Duration: 2-3 weeks, 40 hours per week
  • Available positions: max. 40
  • ECTS-credits:  4(6) ECTS
  • Course Language: English  (level B2 - C2 required; see
  • Fee: 150,- Euro per week (including accomodation + course fees, social program; not included: most of the meals and beverages, private travel expenses.)                                     
  • Cancellation fee: 50,- Euro

Selected international participants will receive a travel stipend (fixed rates for the respective country you are travelling from)

Please note, students are requested to present a poster of their former research experience (e.g. Bachelor thesis) during the first week!



  • Studies of Medicine or Life Sciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, etc.), or Engineering; Degree: BSc, MSc, Diploma, MBBS, Staatsexamen
    Please note that we do not accept students already doing/starting their PhD thesis!
  • Excellent Marks (copies have to be provided)
  • English (TOEFL; or at least seven years of English at school, etc.)
  • At least one month of experimental research experience, detailed description of e.g. Bachelor's thesis, doctoral thesis in human medicine. Results should be presented during poster sessions.
  • One letter of reference
  • Not older than 30 years

In the selection process, great emphasis is put on the letter of motivation, publications, prizes, stipends, research experience, references and personality.

Successful participants in the summer academy (evaluation of poster presentation, lab protocol, evaluation by the supervisors of lab rotation) can achieve up to 6 ECTS credit points. If supervisors of lab rotations and lecturers have a positive impression of the students and if he/she is interested in doing a PhD at MHH, "LISA students" could go into a kind of "fast track" selection of HBRS. The candidates could apply to one of the PhD programmes by 1 April of the current or following years, or if lucky get directly a PhD position here after having attended LISA. The certificate "LISA student" would in any case directly lead to the second step in our application processes if all criteria (exam certificates etc.) are fulfilled. Students could be regarded as "pre-matched" with a supervisor if desired. However, there is no guarantee that everybody is accepted for PhD.


In Hannover


Type of Accomodation: single room in student hostel


Meals: inexpensive lunch is available in the MHH Mensa, average price: EUR 4.00 (seven days a week); breakfast/ dinner have to be organized by yourself.

There are shared kitchen in the hostel. But please bring your own cutlery, a glas/mug and plate if you can.


Internet: free-of-charge internet access in the hostel and WIFI at the Twincore


Social and Leisure Programme: Guided tour through Hanover, boat trip, fireworks, GOP theatre, welcome party, barbecue